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Surface Area to Volume Ratio

This simple activity conveys one of most profound aspects of nanoscience – that for a given volume of material the total surface area increases non-linearly as the volume is divided into smaller and smaller pieces.  This concept is being applied to creating better batteries and catalytic converters.  Students will measure the time it takes tablets broken into different numbers of pieces to dissolve.  Calculations of surface area and volume can also be performed.

List of Required Materials

*Alka-Seltzer tablets
Stir Sticks
Stop watch

*Denotes materials sent by Nano-Link to the educator

To request materials you must complete the "NIP Registration Form" available in the Nano-Infusion menu.


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Surface Area to Volume Ratio Module

Nano-Link Surface Area to Volume Ratio Module

Revised Oct., 2014

Surface Area to Volume Ratio Slides

Nano-Link Surface Area to Volume PowerPoint Presentation

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