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Unit Cells (Crystals)

Module Abstract

In this module students create a saturated solutions using Borax, sodium acetate and copper sulfate. Upon drying, each crystal will have a different shape. The shape at the macro level is driven by the arrangement of atoms. This repeating arrangement of atoms – which defines a crystal structure - is the unit cell. Students may introduce other chemicals to change the resulting structure. This modules serves as a good introduction to crystal structures supplementing the typical ball and stick models.


List of Required Materials

*Test Tubes
*Stir Sticks
*Sodium Acetate Anhydrous
Water Bath
Test tube rack
Test tube holder
* Borax

*Denotes materials sent by Nano-Link to the educator

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Unit Cells and Crystal Structures Module

Unit Cells and Crystal Structures Module

Revised July, 2015

Unit Cells and Crystal Structures Slides

Nano-Link Unit Cells and Crystal Structures PowerPoint Presentation

Revised Oct., 2014

Unit Cells and Crystal Structures Video

Unit Cells and Crystal Structures Demonstration

This video is a step by step demonstration of a super saturated solution.

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