Ring Polymers

This version of sodium polyacrylate is the type often found in diapers and is a different atomic structure than that of the cross linked polymer.  {Note:  This difference can be observed by adding the same amount of water to the same amount of each polymer.} This polymer structure captures liquid in a ring structure and is dependent upon the relationship between cohesive (between like molecules) and adhesive (between unlike molecules) forces.  This module can also be used for students to practice math skills by calculating number of water molecules absorbed, surface area and so on.







List of Required Materials

*Diaper Polymer


Small cups or petri dishes



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Ring Polymer Slides

Nano-Link Ring Polymer Module PowerPoint Presentation

Revised Sept, 2014

Ring Polymers Module

Ring Polymers Module

Revised July, 2015

Ring Polymers Video

Ring Polymers Video

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