Nano-Link will be upgrading our website this summer!  Over the weekend of June 17-18 our site will be moved to a different home, with a new look and feel and lots of great new features.  

Our web address is going to stay the same, so you still will find us at http://www.nano-link.org.  But behind the scenes we are gong to be moving to different web and email servers.  As we are starting to make the changes needed for this, you may find that certain things on our current site aren't quite the way they used to be leading up to the move. 

If you have any issues, please contact us immediately at help@nano-link.org so we can help you get the answers and resources you need! 



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Nanotechnology and Environmental Action: A Synergistic Opportunity

PETE Conference, 2011

Presented by Deb Newberry

Nanotechnology Workshop

NSTA 2014, Boston

Presented by Deb Newberry

Nanotechnology, Earth Science and all the others

MESTA 2012, St. Cloud

Presented by Deb Newberry

Nanotechnology, Space and Finding Oil in Rocks

MESTA Conference, 2013

Presented by Deb Newberry

Nanotechnology: It’s Truly Everywhere

2012 Ontario Higher Education Summit

Presented by Deb Newberry

Never go in with a Blank Sheet of Paper

HI TEC 2015

Presented by Deb Newberry


Different Activities for Different Grades

Presented by Deb Newberry

Students Loving Nanoscience and Getting Caught Up in the Hype

NDSTA Conference, 2011

Presented by: Kristi Jean

Technicians That Exceed Employer Expectations

Nano-Link 2012 Keynote Address

Presented by: Donald McCoy

The Non-Technical Side of Building a Nanotechnology Career

Presented by Deb Newberry

Nano-Link Annual Confenence
Nov. 2016

They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Nano Summits for Industry

Presented by: Deb Newberry

Using Simple Materials and Experiments to Enhance Students Critical Thinking

2012 NEW conference, Fort Wayne, IN

Presented by: Deb Newberry and Billie Copley

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