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Fundamentals of Nanoscience

These instructor guides were created to lead an educator through the basic content, material flow and objectives for the study of nanoscience and nanotechnology (the application of the science).  They are written in a conversational manner and offer suggestions for discussion topics and simple activities and problems.  These instructor guides purposely stay at a high level and offer an overview of the subject.  Instructors, sometimes in their enthusiasm for the subject, offer really interesting but often complex examples of what is being discovered and created at the nanoscale.  Many times these examples tend to confuse the student rather than clarify the phenomena.  If the goal is for the student to truly understand and be able to think critically about nanoscale phenomena then it is best to make sure that the foundational blocks are laid well and clearly understood.  These guides serve that purpose.


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Nano-Link 1100 - Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

Semester 1 of a year-long Fundamentals of Nanotechnology course.

Nano-Link 1200 - Fundamentals of Nanotechnology II

Semester 2 of a year-long Fundamentals of Nanotechnology course.

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