Nano-Link will be upgrading our website this summer!  Over the weekend of June 17-18 our site will be moved to a different home, with a new look and feel and lots of great new features.  

Our web address is going to stay the same, so you still will find us at http://www.nano-link.org.  But behind the scenes we are gong to be moving to different web and email servers.  As we are starting to make the changes needed for this, you may find that certain things on our current site aren't quite the way they used to be leading up to the move. 

If you have any issues, please contact us immediately at help@nano-link.org so we can help you get the answers and resources you need! 

What is Nano-Infusion?

Nano-Infusion is a critical element of Nano-Link, a center for nanotechnology education funded by the National Science Foundation.

Nano-Infusion promotes integration and inclusion of nanoscale concepts into multiple grade levels.

Nano-Link has created a series of fun and educational nanoscience experiments and activities.  The hands on experience is designed to fit into a classroom period and provide students with some engaging Nanoscience experiments.

Nano-Infusion content is in a topical, modular format and includes educator background, activities and worksheets, ppts and videos.

Bring nanoscience into your classroom by being a part of Nano-Infusion today!

What you get:


·         Nano-related supplies at no charge!

o   Everything you need for the activity

·         Training and support

o   Each experiment will include introductory material for you as the teacher which will help you to gain a fundamental understanding of the topic.  The experiments will also include guides to help get the students engaged and exploring!  No need to worry about lesson plans or worksheets, those are also included, if you would like to use them. 


·         Flexibility to modify the experiment to fit your classroom needs

o   10 minute demo, 20 minute experiment, 50 minute experiment

·         Opportunity to participate with other schools across the nation

o   Select modules from our library that fit you and your students needs 


·         A nano geek t-shirt!


What you need to do:

·         Create an account on the Nano-Link.org website.  Click HERE to make an account.

·         Complete the Nano-Infusion Registration Form.  Click HERE to register.


What Happens next:

·         Receive your experiment and materials
·         Conduct the experiments and have some fun with your students!
·         Give us feedback, but don’t worry – surveys take less than 10 minutes.
·         Wear the geek shirt with pride!


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